The Al Habari Group of Qatar is a conglomerate of companies set up over time, to target a wide diaspora of clients, in various segments of society, in Qatar

The evolution started with the food industry and has over time, panned out into various service sectors and product mixes.

The corporate focus principally, has been to offer value-for-money products and services, and backed with a firm commitment on delivering in time and as per the demands of the target audience.

My personal vision has always been to set up a framework to bring to the work table a “solutions basket”, that can offer an optimal solution to my client, whether that is in the product segment, or in services arena.

This has been possible, as I have looked at each and every project that my team has undertaken over these long years, as a personal target, and being a hands-on person and full-time operative myself, I have believed in “leading from the front”.

I would, in the light of the above, urge you to join with Al Habari, in all its ventures and give us the pleasure and honour of taking your project to its just fruition…

RK Kunhammed
Vice Chairman & Managing Director
The Al Habari Group, Qatar