The Al Habari Group of Companies W.L.L., Qatar is one of the largest and oldest professionally-managed corporate houses based at Al Khor, Qatar.

Set up in 1982, the Al Habari Group of Companies has come a long way from its modest beginnings, to where it finds itself today. Al Habari was started with the principle objective and focus of offering good quality products and services, at reasonable prices to its clientele in Qatar, a rationale which has remained firmly entrenched in its business module, till this day.

By understanding the needs of their target customers as well as being conversant with the local Qatari market conditions since the last 32 years, the Al Habari group has always persevered to offer their clients innovative and individually-tailored solutions, in line with their specific requirements, in all its fields of operation, across the board.

Al Habari’s Unique Selling Proposition has essentially been its professionalism and in-depth knowledge in its areas of operation, which has facilitated an accurate understanding of the requirements of its target customers, coupled with an innate ability to find workable and realistic solutions in line with client requirements.

Everything that Al Habari does today, is driven by passion. At Al Habari, the corporate strategy is to constantly endeavor to adhere to “customer-satisfaction without compromises” and constantly reaching-out to maintain high work standards, in all facets of its operation, as the way forward.

This is the corporate mantra, at Al Habari, as well as the cornerstone of its success in all its business areas.

Al Habari’s client list, which includes the leading corporate names in the industry, both Government and Private sectors, is a testament of the quality work that the Al Habari Group have done so far over the years, and which has resulted in this phenomenal growth since its inception.